Welcome to Ayati. Over 10 years of experience and expertise in the manufacturing of Silver jewelry has made Ayati one of the most exclusive traditional designer jewelry brands in the fashion industry.

Ayati, the established feminine label known for versatile, graceful and classy jewelry with the ability to formulate creative vision while keeping its products parallel to the casual feel. Our brand aesthetic is to offer distinctive jewelry. We make it possible through our passion for the purest gemstones, luscious metals, sparkling color palettes, delightful bold pieces complemented with feminine classic design and clinical workmanship.

We are distinguished by our creative and exclusive designs, meticulous attention to details, and the unique handmade manufacturing technology that goes into crafting each and every piece.

To stay one step ahead of the rest, special measures are taken to ensure that quality and craftsmanship remain at the forefront of our manufacturing processes. Fashion conscious styling,Continuous quality inspections, and most importantly, well trained employees, all combine to celebrate and continue the timeless reflection of our Ethnic & Traditional Brand.

From Mughal inspired jewelry to contemporary pieces with Turkish and Eyptian influence, Ayati Designer Jewelry has unique and stunning jewelry pieces for all.

The brand caters to the masses with an affordable range of jewelry that is classy, chic and very trendy.

Ayati Designer Jewelry has something for everyone, with charm bracelets, chunky rings, earrings, Mughal inspired maalas & gold chains and bridal sets. The historic Mughal-era inspired chain necklaces are our specialty.